Welcome to the Farmers' Club of Hilton Head Plantation. We hope you will enjoy growing fruits, vegetables and flowers, as well as the camaraderie of the Farm Club.

Club Purpose

The purpose of the club is to provide a venue for HHP residents to grow food-crops and flowers and to educate each other in the art of planting and cultivation of fruits, vegetables and flowers for the members and their families' use.

Club Activities

The Farmers' Club has approximately 300 members, who farm individual 25' x 25' plots, which are located inside the fenced-in Seabrook Farm area, located near the POA service offices.

We hold pot luck dinners at our monthly member meetings except January, July and August. The member/dinner meetings are held at the Plantation House unless otherwise noted.

The club also sponsors educational workshops from time to time to provide information on the planting and cultivation of fruits, vegetables and flowers.

At various times of year, the club holds a farmers market to sell fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers raised by members and raised in the club's common plots.  Proceeds go to the club to support its activities.


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